Coach’s Corner: Writing Round-Up

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2017 was not the year I expected it to be. This time last year I was working away on a first draft of a novel and planning all kinds of other writing projects. While I was fairly certain I wasn’t going to actually accomplish all my writing plans, I had settled in for a great year of writing productivity. What I hadn’t counted on, was my restless gene to rear it’s maddeningly, beautiful, obsessive head.

Ebby, the love of my life.

Early March I decided I needed a big change of some kind, and within two months I sold my condo, purchased a new one, and moved. In June I, the child-free, pet-free, carefree writer that I am, decided I needed a puppy, and I needed one now. My puppy, Ebby, is the absolute best. Both were very good decisions, if made rather impulsively. They also brought a lot of upheaval to my life.

And then the day job got extra stressful, months earlier than it usually does. The stress carried on for a good five to six months, and included a nasty-bout of tennis elbow.

My personal life wasn’t the only part that required some intensive decision-making. My writing-goals also needed some re-thinking.

Last year, I had planned to finish a novel and release it in August, write some novellas, and a new novel. My writing-goals always have an unwritten flexibility about them. While there is usually one project I must finish, I do expect that something will come up and what I need to work on next, will change. I did finish and launch the novel in August. I started researching and outlining the new novel. I decided against writing the novellas. They just didn’t work for me at this point in time. I still like the idea behind them, but I don’t think they will help me get to where I really want to be as a writer. However, an open call for submissions appealed to me so I dusted off a manuscript, edited it like crazy, and submitted it. Given the upheaval I’ve been through, I’m feeling pretty good about where I’m at.

And yet, I have not done enough. December is going to be a month of intense outlining and getting to work on the new novel. I have eight months to put it together. I am asking a lot of myself, but I feel quite confident I can get it done in the time I have.

But feel free to hold me accountable. Ask me about my progress. Push me to do more.

How was your 2017? What did you accomplish this year? What would you like to achieve next year? How can we hold each other accountable?

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