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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter AKA Did They Pull it Off?

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Before I begin, let me digress into a topic worthy of its own post: women’s roles in movies.   There were three movies previewed before Resident Evil: The Final Chapter began, and all of them could be summed up as “women are evil, or crazy, or problems that the men have to deal with.”  Not uncommon, at all. So… to…

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Resident Evil: Retribution or What Did We Do to Deserve This?

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So if you’re following along in the rewatch, I really hope you skipped this one.  This is going to be a scrambled review because Retribution broke my brain and left me sputtering feebly.  I have come up with a rule of thumb for measuring the quality of these movies: how good they are depends on how soon Alice confronts the…

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