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Chain Reaction: Jingle Hell: Cozy Up to Holiday Horror

Although getting everybody together for the holidays can be hell in and of itself (see also: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Planes Trains and Automobiles, and your Uncle Ralph’s perpetually mandatory Christmas dinner, etc), there’s a nice sub-sub-sub-genre of horror movies and stories centered around holiday traditions. What better time to scare people than when they are supposed to be merry?…

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My Favorite Things: Halloween Special

Welcome to a special, giant-sized edition of My Favorite Things! Normally this is a spot for us to share our recent favs, but we couldn’t resist putting a ghoulish twist on the column for one of our favorite holidays — Halloween! There’s no better day for carving wicked jack-o-lanterns, marathoning horror movies, and gorging yourself on way too much candy. Read on…

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