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Solving Your Own Murder: A Review of Six Wakes

Six Wakes (2017) Written by: Mur Lafferty Genre: Science Fiction Pages: 400 (Trade paperback) Publisher: Orbit Why I Chose It: So one of my favorite genre mash-ups is SF/Mystery, and Six Wakes definitely falls into that sweet spot. It’s a science fiction locked-room mystery that also made me think of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, just… in space.…

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Know Your Enemy: Orphan Black Rewatch Episodes 2.01 thru 2.05

It’s a turbulent, emotional time in the United States right now. After eight years of progress on many fronts, many people who differ from the norm (norm = straight white male, or in some cases, straight white female) are feeling rightfully terrified by the electorate’s choice on President Elect. When I was watching my five Orphan Black episodes for November,…

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