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Changing the Map: Bring Your Comfort Food

The holiday season is upon us. The longest night and the shortest day looms closer, and America feels like it’s a tinsel-wrapped pine tree, awfully close to open flames. So, screw that. Let’s go somewhere else, somewhere in the quintessential British countryside, the fertile home of so many children’s novels. Who hasn’t spent time on a river with a water…

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Thanksgiving Special 2017: All We Want for Christmas

Happy Thanksgiving! Here at Speculative Chic, we hope you are having a delightful day full of fun, food, and family. If none of those things sound appealing, or if you’re not in the United States, that’s okay, because we’ve got something to cheer you right up! In recent years, it’s become a thing for stores to open on Thanksgiving to…

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Weekly Roundup: November 13-17, 2017

Can you believe that we’re halfway through November? I can’t. Time is flying by at such a clip that it’s hard for me to keep up. Take some time to relax this weekend. Maybe take in some of the excellent posts that our contributors posted this week. If you missed something, that’s OK. I am your helpful guide to all…

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