Casey Price

Throughout her life, Casey Price has studied science (badly), history (passably) and literature (quite well!) at various institutes of higher learning.  She received a Bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in Literature (with a particular focus on England’s Romantic and Victorian periods).  She currently resides in a small town in Virginia (after gracing Florida and Texas with her charming presence for several years apiece).  She has one spouse and three small dogs who all require a great deal of time and attention.  She spends her days working in a pharmacy and her nights watching too much television, playing too many Nintendo games, and reading too much urban fantasy.  On her days off, she fights crime!  Or she toils away at one of several writing projects that she hopes will see the light of day, someday.  Whichever is easiest.  Usually the crime-fighting.

You can find Casey at
Twitter: @CantinaCasey
Instagram: the.casey.price

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Photo Credit: J.L. Price