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Roundtable: My First Fandom

Welcome to the Speculative Chic Roundtable! You’re used to hearing us gather and share our thoughts on movies and our favorite things, but we thought it might be fun to chat about other topics that relate to speculative fiction as well. To kick off this new column, I asked: What was your very first speculative fiction fandom and how did…

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The Evolution of Vampires in Popular Fiction

Since launch, Speculative Chic has featured articles on personal writing journeys, collections of things people love, and some amazing reviews. So why are we suddenly throwing an academic discussion on vampires at you? Because I’m a huge nerd, that’s why! (See my bio page for official details and credentials regarding my nerdiness.) By now you’ve gotten a taste of me through…

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My 10 Year Writing Odyssey

Even though I wrote my first short story in the third grade, my journey as a writer actually started 10 years ago. I was a 24-year-old recent college graduate who had majored in English and minored in journalism, but I had no idea what the word “genre” meant. I had spent the last two years writing four novels about a…

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