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Silver Screen Resolution: Mad Max: Fury Road

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This year, I resolved to see twelve new-to-me spec fic movies in a no-doubt vain attempt at catching up with popular culture. One movie per month, the results of watching said movie discussed at the beginning of the next month. So I made myself some rules: It must be spec-fic. For review here on Spec-Chic and for myself. I just…

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I Do Not Have Any Sense: A Review of Season One of Taboo

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Stop me if you’ve heard about this one. It’s a period piece. Historical London, not to put too fine a point on it. There’s a big cast with some big names attached, including a lead who primarily acts in movies. It’s moody and gorgeous and cinematic, and it promises mystery, macabre, and magic. What show are you thinking of? You’d…

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