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The Walking Dead Loses All Hope — and This Viewer

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Beware of spoilers for the following: The Walking Dead series. When The Walking Dead television series premiered in 2010, I was totally on board with the show. I loved the concept of humans fighting walkers (zombies), and I was a big fan of our hero Rick Grimes. When we met Rick in season one, he was on a mission to…

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Hey George, Check This Out: Why You Should Read Mira Grant’s Newsflesh Series

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Welcome!  Usually, this is where you would find my monthly write-up of my experience rereading Mira Grant’s Newsflesh series.  Perhaps some of you, having read this series, have been reading along and either nodding or shaking your respective heads at what I’ve written.  Some of you, I’m sure, have been skipping the pieces because you haven’t read the series.  Well. …

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My Favorite Things: Lindsey Stirling, Heavy Metal Comedies, and Female Superheroes

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Hello there! You’ve found your way back to My Favorite Things, a weekly column where the ladies of Speculative Chic fill you in on the best of the best, as far as geek entertainment goes. Clearly, we’ve been bitten by the superhero bug, because two of our entries these week focus on fabulous female superheroes. Additional highlights include your new…

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