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You Need to Believe In Things That Aren’t True: A Review of Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather

Ah, December. Bringer of holidays and new weather patterns. Almost everyone celebrates something in December, and as such, everyone has their own holiday traditions. For me, personally, December brings on a Christmas tradition that goes back at least ten years. For me, December means that it’s time to re-read Terry Pratchett’s take on Christmas, Hogfather. As much as you might…

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My Favorite Things: Discworld, Arcade-Inspired Cinema, and Classic Sci-Fi (again?)

Hey there! You’ve stumbled across My Favorite Things, a weekly column where we talk up top notch speculative content. This week, we bring you an underrated action movie masterpiece, a fabulous Terry Pratchett novel (but which one?), and a cult classic sci-fi television show. Wait a minute… one of these has already appeared on My Favorite Things! I guess that makes…

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