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Top 10 Spec Fic Actresses For Whom I’m Most Grateful

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’ve compiled a list of the speculative fiction actresses for whom I’m most grateful, which means I’m pulling from some of my favorite speculative fiction movies, tv shows, and video games for the most talented actresses. So I guess you could say this is also a list of my favorite things, making it double the fun. Really,…

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All the Birds in the Sky Charms: A Review

All the Birds in the Sky (2016) Written by: Charlie Jane Anders Genre: Speculative Pages: 313 (Hardback) Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates Why I Chose It: Since the book is shelved in the fiction section, I know that I must have walked past it multiple times in my weekly Barnes & Noble wanderings. I don’t remember ever picking it up, because the…

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Too Close for Comfort: Margaret Atwood and The Handmaid’s Tale

This Month on Changing the Map Last year’s announcement that Hulu was remaking Margaret Atwood’s chilling tale of religious fundamentalism and female oppression couldn’t have been more timely. Her imagining of a takeover of the government and its impact on one powerless woman affected readers deeply when it was first published in 1986. Worryingly, elements of Atwood’s fantastical story are…

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