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Roundtable: Our Scary Stories

Ah, it’s that time of year. The air is turning crisper. The leaves are changing. The dark is creeping upon the light a bit sooner with each passing day. Fall is here. Halloween is right around the corner. Here at Speculative Chic, you may have notice a theme: we’ve been digging into the scary side of things and talking about…

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Roundtable: Out of Spite

You know that speculative fiction thing that everyone seems to love but you haven’t read/watched/played yet? No, not your blind spot. This isn’t something you’re embarrassed about, nor is it something you plan on rectifying anytime soon. In fact, when your friends or family find out you haven’t read/watched/played this thing, you’re more than happy to explain why, in gleeful…

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Octavia Butler’s Kindred: How the Nuances of Relationships Can Teach Us About People

This month we put Changing the Map into the capable hands of writer and reviewer Ronya F. McCool for her discussion of Octavia E. Butler’s groundbreaking novel, Kindred. Part slave narrative, part time travel story, read on to see what Ronya has to say about how Kindred changed the map. –Sharon When I was asked to write a review for…

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