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Flight of Fantasy: A Review of Pegasus

Pegasus (2010) Written By: Robin McKinley Genre: Young Adult Fantasy Pages: 416 (Hardcover) Series: Pegasus Book 1 Publisher: Putnam Why I Chose It: Robin McKinley has been one of my all time favorite authors since I read The Blue Sword back when I was a kid. I haven’t absolutely loved everything she’s ever written (Deerskin, I’m looking at you). But…

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Roundtable: Hollywood, Do This Instead!

We already know that Hollywood buys up far more properties than it can possibly adapt for the big and small screen. Sometimes, those properties are adapted to great success, and other times, fans wish that Hollywood had never heard of their favorite property. Last month, the contributors of Speculative Chic told Hollywood what to leave alone, so it made perfect…

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