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Roundtable: Favorite 2017 Read

It’s no secret that there’s a bunch a readers here at Speculative Chic. Asking our writers what their favorite read of 2017 seemed like an easy task, but it wasn’t. When you read as many books as we do, how do you pick just one? And did it have to be a book published in 2017, or just a book…

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The Twelve Days of Spec Fic

Every year on Christmas Eve, my friends and family perform an epic rendition of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” People group up and choose numbers. We have a conductor. It’s loud and ridiculous, and probably the reason this idea popped into my head. So, my friends, come forth and join me in a chorus of “The Twelve Days of Spec…

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Reading the Hugos: The Short Story Category

Hugo season continues! With the Nebulas wrapped up, you’ll be seeing more and more Hugo-related posts between now and August. Up next in our reviews of the Hugo-nominated works of 2016: the entire short story category. I was especially drawn to the short story category as a challenge to myself. I haven’t read a lot of short fiction that isn’t…

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