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Weekly Roundup: November 13-17, 2017

Can you believe that we’re halfway through November? I can’t. Time is flying by at such a clip that it’s hard for me to keep up. Take some time to relax this weekend. Maybe take in some of the excellent posts that our contributors posted this week. If you missed something, that’s OK. I am your helpful guide to all…

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Top 10 Spec Fic Actresses For Whom I’m Most Grateful

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’ve compiled a list of the speculative fiction actresses for whom I’m most grateful, which means I’m pulling from some of my favorite speculative fiction movies, tv shows, and video games for the most talented actresses. So I guess you could say this is also a list of my favorite things, making it double the fun. Really,…

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Resident Evil: Afterlife — AKA Not as Terrible as I Remembered

As usual, spoilers abound. When I thought about this movie in the Resident Evil rewatch, my brain whimpered. The end of Resident Evil: Extinction saw Alice mustering an army of psychic-powered, super-strong clones to attack the Chairman of Umbrella, thereby defeating him and his evil forever. The motivation was always a little lacking, but I guess it was equal portions:…

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