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Chain Reaction: Crossing Over — Three Tales of Thin Places, Goblins, and Fairies

In Celtic mythology, “thin places” are spots where this world and the Otherworld allow inhabitants to cross over. The most famous example is actually Halloween, followed by the tale of Tam Lin, and Cristina Rosetti’s classic poem “Goblin Market.” Halloween, or Samhain (pronounced SAH-ween), took place just after the harvest and was thought to be a time when the boundaries…

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My Favorite Things: Halloween Special

Welcome to a special, giant-sized edition of My Favorite Things! Normally this is a spot for us to share our recent favs, but we couldn’t resist putting a ghoulish twist on the column for one of our favorite holidays — Halloween! There’s no better day for carving wicked jack-o-lanterns, marathoning horror movies, and gorging yourself on way too much candy. Read on…

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