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Help Wanted at Speculative Chic!

Speculative Chic has been kicking around for a year and a half, if you can believe it, and during that time, we’ve established quite a regular schedule. We started with one post per day save for weekends, and now the only day we don’t publish is Sunday; often, we have two posts per day. Which means the blog has reached…

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Dear Sherry: Not Again

Dear Sherry: I have a problem. I like writing. I like brainstorming. I like coming up with ideas for my characters and seeing where it takes them. When I write out my first draft, I know all the messy mistakes and wrong turns are going to be there. The first draft is where I let myself air the story out,…

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Dear Sherry: Never Enough

Dear Sherry, I’ve been working on this novel for almost two years now. I’ve finished the first draft. I’ve filled in the plot holes. I’ve added description, and fleshed out the characters. I’ve sent it to my critique group for feedback, edited based on that feedback, sent it back to them and edited it again. That should be enough, right?…

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