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The Devil is in the Coincidence: Paul Tremblay’s Disappearance at Devil’s Rock

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Disappearance at Devil’s Rock (2016) Written by: Paul Tremblay Genre: Horror Pages: 327 (Hardback) Publisher: William Morrow Why I Chose It: People have been recommending Paul Tremblay to me ever since his book, A Head Full of Ghosts, came out in 2015. The editor of Speculative Chic, Shara White, who is one of my go-to people for reading recommendations, told…

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Cover Chic: United States vs. United Kingdom

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Welcome to Cover Chic, where we take a look at what publishers are doing with their cover art to grab our interest. You may have noticed that the United States and the United Kingdom often have different cover art for the same books. This doesn’t make sense to me, because if one design was used for the book worldwide —…

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