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Roundtable: Leave It Alone!

Hollywood loves adapting things to the big and small screen. Everywhere we look, something we love is getting made into a movie or a television show, or maybe it’s getting rebooted, rebranded, or relaunched. Sometimes, this is exciting! We can’t wait to see our favorites come to life on the big or small screen! But sometimes, this can lead to…

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Crafting Homicidal Housewives and Lovecraftian Horrors: Spotlight on Female Artists in Comics

I didn’t get into comics for the artwork. No, at twenty-one, when I first wandered into a comic book store, I showed up as a lifelong reader of books, with a passion for well-formed stories, likable characters, and good writing. When my eyes scanned across the glossy pages of the first issue of Buffy: Season 8, I wasn’t looking at…

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The Evolution of Vampires in Popular Fiction

Since launch, Speculative Chic has featured articles on personal writing journeys, collections of things people love, and some amazing reviews. So why are we suddenly throwing an academic discussion on vampires at you? Because I’m a huge nerd, that’s why! (See my bio page for official details and credentials regarding my nerdiness.) By now you’ve gotten a taste of me through…

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