Review Policy

Speculative Chic is a blog whose content is generated by its individual contributors. From time-to-time, that content may be reviews of books, comics, television shows, movies, and/or games. We will be open and honest in our reactions to the content we review, regardless of how positive or negative those reactions are.

We do not make money from this website, nor are we, as a website, given items in exchange for review. Individual contributors may receive Advanced Reader and/or Review copies for review, and if so, a proper disclaimer will be provided. If a disclaimer has not been provided, please know that the book/comic/movie/television show in question has been purchased by the reviewer, or borrowed from a local library.

At this time, we are not, as a site, accepting Advanced Reader/Review Copies for review. If at any time that changes, a contact form will be listed below.

Thank you.