Write For Us

Speculative Chic is a volunteer effort, which means in order to produce content on a daily basis (at least during the work-week), we need a lot of volunteers! So if you’ve been browsing through Speculative Chic and think you’d like to contribute to our ranks, here’s what you need to know.

There are three levels of writers:

  • Guest Post: if you’re interested in writing for us, this is where you will start. Guest posts run their proposal by the Editor-in-Chic (see contact form below), and if approved, will then receive contributor access to the blog in order to draft and format their post. They will also be in touch, via email, with the Editor-in-Chic to make sure appropriate images, bios, etc., are supplied. They will also use email to work out any tweaks or rewrites to their post. A Guest Post begins and ends with the guest writer drafting, writing, promoting, and interacting with their post. This means that once your post is published, you are expected to promote across your various social media platforms, as well as interact with any commenters. If it goes well, you may be invited to post again at your leisure. Anyone can guest post to Spec Chic, whether you’re a best-selling author or if you have zero publishing credits to your name! Also, if you’re interested in having a more regular posting schedule on Speculative Chic, then guest-posting is where you’ll start; however, you are under no obligation to “rise through the ranks,” so to speak. The number of times you write for us will be completely up to you. 
  • Part-timers: part-time contributors are expected to participate in at least one group post per month. That post could be My Favorite Things, or it could be Sound Off!, or it could be something else entirely. But participating in at least one group post per month provides a variety of voices, and variety is exactly what we’re looking for at Speculative Chic. Part-timers also have the option of writing their own individual posts, but at their own pace, when they have something they really want to write about. Often, the Editor-in-Chic will poll the part-timers when there’s a hole in the schedule, or if there’s a review project that needs to be tackled (such as the 2016 Hugo Best Novel Nominees). Part-time is a good fit for anyone who wants to participate in the blog, but isn’t sure they can commit to submitting an individual post each month. And as with Guest Posts, a part-timer is expected to promote and interact with the posts they participate in, as well as interact with the Editor-in-Chic to make sure their posts arrive on time and are ready to go by the go-live date.
  • Full-timers: full-time contributors are expected to submit at least one individual post per month by their assigned deadline date, as well as participate in group posts such as My Favorite Things or Sound Off! as much as possible. Full-timers are not limited to only these guidelines: some full-timers post twice a month, or even weekly! It’s important for full-timers to be in steady communication with the Editor-in-Chic, especially if they cannot make a monthly deadline, and it’s also important that they’re able to follow up on requested edits/rewrites in a timely manner. As with each level, full-timers are expected to promote and interact with the posts they have written and/or participated in.

Time sensitivity is important across the board, but the more you commit to the blog, the more urgent time sensitivity and prompt communication can be. Never fear: for now, you’re starting out as a guest, and we’ll move forward from there!

What kind of content are we looking for?

The best way to get a sense of it is to browse the blog. Look at the individual posts: there are book reviews, rereads of books, rewatches of film and television; there’s writing shop talk, convention conversations, and behind the scenes revelations from bookstores. As long as it relates in some form or fashion to science fiction, fantasy, or horror, we’re interested! But we want to make sure that what you have to say fits our vision.

Still interested? Got a rocking idea to share with the Editor-in-Chic? Please fill out the form below!