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Misconceptions About Bookstores

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People can come into bookstores with some pretty odd notions. Most of the time they’re confusing the bookstore for a library. Other times they just think they know better than the booksellers. But the truth is that the customer is far from right (and whoever coined that phrase clearly never worked in a bookstore — or in any sort of…

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Welcome to the ARC

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No, we’re not getting on a giant boat with a lot of animals — that’s an ark. ARC stands for Advance Reading Copy. Or Advance Review Copy. Or Advanced Reader’s Copy. Or you might see ARE for Advance Reader’s Edition. The point is that a book that is labeled as such is an early copy that hasn’t yet hit the…

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Stuff Booksellers DON’T Know

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Booksellers get a lot of questions on a daily basis. Where can I find this book? Who wrote this book? When was this book published? Is this in paperback? When will this author’s next book be available? Most of these questions are pretty typical (and normal), but there are still plenty of things that a bookseller won’t know and, unfortunately,…

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How to Shop for Geeks

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We live in the era of the unabashed geek, and it’s wonderful. But what if you’re not into Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, World of Warcraft, or comic books and you have friends or family that are? What do you buy them for the holidays? Don’t fret — there’s still hope.

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Why Isn’t It in Paperback Yet?

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Welcome to the bookstore, where conversations such as this can happen: Customer: Hi. I know this book just came out, but can I get it in paperback? Me: I’m sorry, ma’am, but it’s only available in hardcover. Customer: Well, I saw it at Target and they had it in paperback. Me: Ma’am, if you find the paperback at Target, I would love for…

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Anatomy of a Harry Potter Release Party

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If you’ve ever been to a Harry Potter Midnight Release Party, then you know how awesome they can be. Bookstores that range from independent to corporate-run didn’t take long to realize how popular Harry was, and they’ve been rocking the midnight releases ever since. But what exactly goes into these events? And how does a store handle what might amount to…

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