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What To Do With Unwanted Books

I know. It’s a sad title — all those poor, unwanted books that appear on Christmas morning. Kind of like the Island of Misfit Toys. But January is the month of returns in the retail world. Books are unwrapped only to find their owners unexcited at their arrival. Maybe it’s because grandma misjudged your taste; you’re a fan of Star…

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What to Do When Your Bookstore Doesn’t Have a Horror Section

Walking into a bookstore you’ll find a plethora of categories. Fantasy, science fiction, history, children’s picture books, cookbooks, and so much more. But not every store will have a section for every genre. This includes horror. While horror is still a strong subject, there are plenty of stores out there that tend to put those books into other areas. Some…

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Welcome to the ARC

No, we’re not getting on a giant boat with a lot of animals — that’s an ark. ARC stands for Advance Reading Copy. Or Advance Review Copy. Or Advanced Reader’s Copy. Or you might see ARE for Advance Reader’s Edition. The point is that a book that is labeled as such is an early copy that hasn’t yet hit the…

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