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Christopher Pike and the Bad Final Girl

If I close my eyes, I can still picture it. In fourth grade, my teacher asked us to write a book report and to attach a bookmark featuring a scene from the book. I remember sitting at my desk, pencil poised over the narrow strip of white paper while I waited for inspiration. When it finally came, I drew an…

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What to Do When Your Bookstore Doesn’t Have a Horror Section

Walking into a bookstore you’ll find a plethora of categories. Fantasy, science fiction, history, children’s picture books, cookbooks, and so much more. But not every store will have a section for every genre. This includes horror. While horror is still a strong subject, there are plenty of stores out there that tend to put those books into other areas. Some…

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Reading the Hugos: Novelette Category

Novelettes are tricky little beasts. They are story tidbits, and it takes a particularly skilled writer to create one that offers a full story within the limited constraints of standard word count for the form. I am challenging myself to read more short fiction this year, so when our editor approached me to ask if I would be willing to…

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