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Lane and Carey’s Worldcon Adventure

Speculative Chic is fairly new, but contributors Lane Robins and Carey M. Ballard already had plans to attend Worldcon (aka MidAmericon II), held from August 17-21 in Kansas City, Missouri. They share their thoughts, experiences, and advice below. What did we expect of the con? Lane: I attended primarily as a vacation, so I expected to meet up with a…

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Confessions of a First Time Cosplayer

I’d always thought that dressing up as Sailor Venus would be fun. We had a lot of the same traits — long, blonde(ish) hair, a love of food, a desire to destroy bad guys, etc. But aside from Halloween, there wasn’t any point. It wasn’t until years later that I learned about conventions and the culture of cosplay. I found…

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Conventions 101: What Are They and How Do You Survive Them?

I’m currently listening to Blackstar by David Bowie (it’s taken me pretty much all year to be able to, because sad), unpacking from the NC burn, Transformus, so that I can repack for Dragon*Con, which is Labor Day weekend. Whew! Who Am I? You can read more about me on my bio page, but I wanted to make a quick…

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