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Chain Reaction: Three TV Series If You Liked/Loved Netflix’s Stranger Things

It’s October! Always a good month to scare yourself silly (and other people if you can manage it without retaliation. Erm, not that I’m advocating being a bully or anything). If you’re like me, my family, my friends, our uncles, aunts, third cousins, and all the people we passed notes to in first grade, you’ve seen Stranger Things at least…

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Chain Reaction: Teenagers Versus the Apocalypse

Welcome to Chain Reaction! Introducing a monthly column that will showcase three titles that have a common thread, theme, or plot device.  I’ll take one known quantity and introduce two more along the same lines — something that made me think of another title, and then another. They might be recent; they might have been around for awhile; they might…

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