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Speculative Chic Book Club: Bannerless

Welcome to the Speculative Chic Book Club! Each month, we invite you to join us in reading a book that will sometimes be picked beforehand and sometimes be voted on by you, our readers. We’re still working on the format, so following the review of the book and some starter questions, we invite you all to discuss your thoughts in…

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October Book Club Selection: The Grip Of It by Jac Jemc

As voted on by our readers, the selection for October’s Book Club is . . . The Grip Of It (2017) Written by: Jac Jemc Pages: 288 Publisher: FSG Originals Premise: Touring their prospective suburban home, Julie and James are stopped by a noise. Deep and vibrating, like throat singing. Ancient, husky, and rasping, but underwater. “That’s just the house…

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Introducing the Speculative Chic Book Club!

I like reading books. I also like talking about books. I also like talking with people about books, not just at people. And because sometimes when you say you like things you get asked to implement them, I’m here to introduce the new Speculative Chic Book Club! Here’s how it’s going to work: On the fourth Friday of every month,…

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