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Cover Chic: Breaking with Stereotypes

When someone mentions fantasy book covers, inevitably a stereotypical image pops up. One of knights standing near dragons, perhaps a chain-mail bra-clad woman with him. Or at least, that’s what used to be the norm. As today’s standards of what’s “cool” and socially acceptable continue to shift, so do the covers of speculative fiction books. Fantasy, science fiction, and horror…

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Cover Chic: Neil Gaiman Goes Retro-Chic

Welcome back to Cover Chic, an occasional series where we break down, analyze, and avoid judging books by their covers for your entertainment! We’ve spent some time discussing differences in US and UK covers, hardcover vs. paperback, and series that changed up their style before the series was over. Today, I’m traipsing merrily down the rabbit hole after one particular…

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Cover Chic: Mid-Season Changeup

Covers that change faces are the bane of every series-collecting reader. New covers can appear at any given time, often without any kind of warning. It’s fair to expect that the art from the hardcover won’t be the same when the book is released in paperback. But when you’re picking up a series of books and suddenly there’s a shift…

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Cover Chic: Hardcover vs. Paperback

Welcome back to Cover Chic, where we take a look at what publishers are doing with their cover art to grab our interest. Previously on Cover Chic, we pitted US covers against UK covers. Today we focus on the US market, and how books can get a second chance at snagging an audience with a redesigned cover. But is the…

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