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This Isn’t Real: Channel Zero Mid-Season Review

If you’re a horror fan, you might have already heard about Channel Zero. It’s SyFy’s horror anthology show than launched last year with the 6-episode story, “Candle Cove,” which was based on the internet creepypasta of the same name. This season’s story (also 6 episodes) is called “The No-End House,” and, as you’d imagine, it is Channel Zero‘s take on…

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Why the World Needs Sense8

If you haven’t watched Sense8 before, this post will be something of a spoiler in that I’ll be talking about the world the show has created (in the Welcome to Your Cluster section) as well as the characters as human beings (or variations of). I’ll also make general reference to the plot but I won’t talk about specific plot lines, and…

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Convention Life: Con Prep, Con Crud, Con Drop

I’ve talked a lot about Conventions this past year and I’ve got one more set of important topics to touch on. You might hear some of these terms from seasoned con-goers: Con Prep Con Crud Con Drop The last two, especially, are things you’ll hear regular con-goers talk about. Prep is just really what happens before a convention and can vary,…

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