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Welcome to the ARC

No, we’re not getting on a giant boat with a lot of animals — that’s an ark. ARC stands for Advance Reading Copy. Or Advance Review Copy. Or Advanced Reader’s Copy. Or you might see ARE for Advance Reader’s Edition. The point is that a book that is labeled as such is an early copy that hasn’t yet hit the…

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Stuff Booksellers DON’T Know

Booksellers get a lot of questions on a daily basis. Where can I find this book? Who wrote this book? When was this book published? Is this in paperback? When will this author’s next book be available? Most of these questions are pretty typical (and normal), but there are still plenty of things that a bookseller won’t know and, unfortunately,…

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Cover Chic: Mid-Season Changeup

Covers that change faces are the bane of every series-collecting reader. New covers can appear at any given time, often without any kind of warning. It’s fair to expect that the art from the hardcover won’t be the same when the book is released in paperback. But when you’re picking up a series of books and suddenly there’s a shift…

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