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Sexist Vet Specializing in Gigantic Alien Animals: A Review of Yoss’ Super Extra Grande

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Super Extra Grande (2012 – original Spanish, 2016 – English translation) Written by: Yoss, translated by David Frye Genre: Science Fiction Pages: 160 (Paperback) Publisher: Restless Books Why I Chose It: When I read the back blurb for Super Extra Grande, I saw: “Cuban science-fiction master,” “playfulness and ingenuity of Douglas Adams,” “a distant future […] a veterinarian who specializes…

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A Hero’s Journey is Over: A Review of Ann Leckie’s Ancillary Mercy

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Ancillary Mercy (2015) Written by: Ann Leckie Genre: Science Fiction Pages: 368 (Trade Paperback) Series: Book Three of The Imperial Radch trilogy Publisher: Orbit Why I Chose It: I have to admit that when I read Ancillary Justice (the first of this trilogy), I got kind of obsessed with the idea of a sentient spaceship seeking justice. I was delighted…

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