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Persona 5: A Married Couple Bickers over one of the Best Games of 2017

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After nearly a decade of anticipation, Atlus finally unleashed the long-awaited Persona 5 to a large and appreciative audience in April of this year. Over a month and 100 hours played later, how does the Japanese RPG stand up to the withering winds of criticism? Keyes and her maxed-out Social Link/Confidant/Husband Howard discuss the game, how it compares to its acclaimed predecessor…

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Why This Man Prefers to Play Games As a Woman

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I’m a straight cis man and, when given a choice, I will usually play as a female character. Not always. I played a man in Fallout 4 because I could make Codsworth, my robo-butler, actually say my name, and I played as a man who looked like Ozzy Osborne in Bloodborne because, of course you create a character who looks…

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