Shara White

Born in the Gateway to the West, Shara White currently hails from the mountains of East Tennessee.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Hollins University in 2003 and received her Master of Arts from Seton Hill University’s Writing Popular Fiction Program in 2008.  And while she was deciding what to be when she grew up, Shara spent six weeks in 2005 attending the Odyssey Writing Workshop.  She’s trained miniature horses, sang opera, and now works in the finance industry.  She ran a book review blog, Calico Reaction, for 7.5 years, and sometimes blogs at Calico Writes.  She is an avid reader, an entertainment junkie, and also writes original fiction in her spare time, which exists somewhere on the spacetime continuum. If you find it, please let her know.

You can find her at Calico Writes.

Shara’s posts can be found here.

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