Merrin has enough feelings about things to literally choke elephants, though why you would want to, she’ll never know. She has been known to argue passionately and loudly in public spaces on whether or not there were elves at Helm’s Deep in the books (there weren’t) and whether or not sleeping counts as time travel (it doesn’t). Her other life’s passions include watching a lot of hockey (an oddity here in Texas) and abusing parenthetical asides (she likes to think of it as the narrator voice breaking into reality). She funds her costly obsessions by working at a non-profit in Austin.

Likes: thigh holsters, flak vests, movies and tv shows that depict space accurately, elves, magic.

Dislikes: The Big Bang Theory (don’t get her started), R-rated violence, the end of Mass Effect 3.

You can also find her on twitter and goodreads.