Lane Robins

Photo Credit: Lane Robins

Photo Credit: Lane Robins

Lane Robins was born in Miami, Florida, the daughter of two scientists, and grew up as the first human member of their menagerie. She attended the Odyssey workshop, the Center for the Study of Science Fiction novel and short story workshops, and has a BA in Creative Writing from Beloit College. She is the author of the Antyrrian duology: Maledicte and Kings & Assassins, and the psychic romance novels Renovation and Reconstruction.

Under the name Lyn Benedict, she writes the urban fantasy series beginning with Sins & Shadows. Her short fiction has been published in Strange Horizons, Daily Science Fiction, Penumbra, and in Nightmare Magazine.

She currently resides in Lawrence, Kansas, but lives in worlds full of cannibal fairies, modern knights, and little girls who can turn their pigtails into snakes.

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