Betsy Whitt

Photo Credit: Jared Hagan, 2017

Betsy Whitt is tall, blonde, and easily distracted, which probably accounts for the wide variety of things she keeps attempting to accomplish. Most of her time is consumed chasing her two young children these days, but she also writes novels (which she hopes to publish sooner rather than later), hikes, and quilts in her spare time. She has been a Subway Sandwich Artist, a bank teller, and a short order cook, worked for tech support, sold bikes and skis, driven limos for a car service, and served as administrative office assistant to a nonagenarian — the common thread in nearly all of those being that she could often read while getting paid. She usually reads epic fantasy, plays Guild Wars 2 and Borderlands, watches most any movie with vehicle chases and excessive explosions, and drinks craft beer. Or wine. What girl doesn’t like wine?

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Eastern University, a Master of Arts in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University, and a Certificate of Theology and Ministry from Princeton Theological Seminary. She has lived in Colorado since 2006, and hopes never to have to leave.