Weekly Roundup, February 5-9, 2018

Welcome to the weekend! What are your big plans? My Saturday is being spent at a small, local convention, and I’m hoping to see a movie on Sunday. Whatever your weekend holds, I hope it’s grand! In between adventures, if you want to take a look back down the rabbit hole at what we got up to during the week here at SpecChic, I am here to help! We had a busy week!


My Favorite Things shone the spotlight on author A.M. Rose! You know you want to find out what she loves best, so here’s a hint: “monster hunting with Mom, fearless female leaders, charitable beauty, rocking reds, and a certain blue shapeshifter.” Intriguing! Check it out here!


Tuesday was new release day! I started off the day with a review of Jasmine Gower’s debut novel, Moonshine. What did I think of this fantasy novel? Read my review here! (There are some very mild spoilers.)

Nicole Taft shared another book review on Tuesday afternoon. She shared her thoughts on a new YA fantasy novel, By a Charm and a Curse. I purchased the book after reading Nicole’s review, and I don’t regret it one bit. Take a look at her review and see what you think for yourself!


Lane Robins debuted the first in her new series, Listen Up. This series will chronicle Lane’s adventure exploring the world of podcasts (which was her 2018 resolution). To begin the journey, she starts with The Bright Sessions. Check out Lane’s thoughts on this podcast here.

Kendra Merritt shared a book review on Wednesday afternoon. I’ll let the review title speak for itself: Blood and Awesome: A Review of Nevernight. Clearly, this novel by Jay Kristoff has caught Kendra’s eye. (Spoiler free review, by the way!)


Our first post on Thursday came from Venessa Giunta with a review of the audiobook for Scott Thomas’ Stoker Award-nominated novel Kill Creek. Find out what she thought of the book here! (Beware minor spoilers.)

Nicole returned on Thursday afternoon with the latest in her Silver Screen Resolution series. This week’s film was Coraline. Have you watched this adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel? Take a look at Nicole’s thoughts on the film!

Photo by Benjamin Reed


The speculative fiction community lost one of the greats recently. Several of us got together to share our thoughts on Urusula K. Le Guin and what her work meant to us. Read our tribute here, and please feel free to share your own thoughts and memories on Le Guin and her work.

Closing out the week, Lane returned with a review of Tim Pratt’s The Wrong Stars. We like to follow along with the major spec fic awards throughout the year, and Pratt’s novel is up for a Philip K. Dick Award! Lane pounced on this book as soon as we started discussing who would read what this year. What did she think of the book? Find out here! (Beware of spoilers.)

Book Club

Are you reading Brown Girl in the Ring? If so, keep your eyes open for a discussion later this month! If you’re ahead of the game, go ahead and check out Katherine Kerr’s Daggerspell for next month. We’re voting on what to read in April, so head over here and vote!

What a week! There’s a lot of great content here, and I hope that you get to read and enjoy all of it! Otherwise, have a great weekend and we’ll be back on Monday.

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