Weekly Roundup, December 18-22, 2017

Hello hello hello! Welcome to Saturday! Have you  had a busy week? We have! But our writers were still hard at work to bring you fresh content daily for all of last week. Missed something? Never you fear, dear. As always, I am your humble guide to the week that was. Onward!


Author Anthony Francis was our guest on Monday for My Favorite Things! What does Anthony love? “On-campus superheroes, inconvenient characters, cinematic universes, a television show that takes place everywhere and everywhen, and weretigers becoming weremathematicians.” What an intriguing list! Check out his post here!


Merrin shared a review of The Frozen Wilds, which is DLC for the game Horizon Zero Dawn. Are you a gamer? Have you played Horizon Zero Dawn? Click over to Merrin’s post and talk to her all about it!

Tuesday afternoon was our Sound Off! for a little art house film that you may have heard of. Something about a war in the stars? I kid. We had MANY THOUGHTS about The Last Jedi. Go here to read those thoughts and tell us your own opinions!


Erin Bales has given all of us a new holiday carol: The Twelve Days of Spec Fic! Go read and I dare you not to try singing it to yourself.


Venessa Giunta is a busy woman. She has decided that in 2018, she will make it a point to read more for pleasure. Here’s her starter list. Got any book recommendations for her? Tell her so in the comments.


Finally, finally our discussion of Hogfather is up and ready for the world! Did you read this book with us in December? Have you read it in the past? If so, please come chat with us! Pratchett’s work is always thought-provoking even while it delights in irreverence.

Book Club

As mentioned above, our post on Hogfather is up and ready! Next up for January, we’re reading Octavia Butler’s Dawn! Voting is still open for our February selection, so come help us choose! It’s a tight race. Tip the scales one way or another.

That was our week. What was yours like? If you’re celebrating a holiday in the next few days, have a wonderful time. If your holiday has passed, enjoy the day off. If you have to show up at work on Monday, I hope that you have a smooth, pleasant day. If you need a reason to look busy, go back through our week and enjoy our content! And leave us a comment, I’m sure we’ll be on and offline as time allows, and we love to talk.

This is my last legitimate opportunity to use pictures from Hogfather, and I’m taking it. Happy Hogswatch!

Hogswatch approaches! Remember to lay out the sherry.

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