Weekly Roundup December 4-8, 2017

The weekend has arrived, and I couldn’t be more grateful! It was a long week for me, so I’m glad for the chance to finally relax. I’m going to have to take my own advice and catch up on all of the posts that our contributors served up this week. It’s snowy in my town today, so staying inside sounds wonderful and cozy. How’s the weather where you are? In any case, here’s what you may have missed!


Monday’s edition of My Favorite Things was, as usual, a fascinating mixed bag of delight. Contributor Lisa P. was our featured writer, and I must confess that I love seeing what my fellow contributors are interested in at any given time. I’ve found numerous excellent books, movies, shows, games and more thanks to these lists. Lisa’s favorites? “Discovering her Destiny, exorcisms (and it’s not even Halloween!), and the scent of a good book!”


Do you like mermaids? Do you like being terrified? Have you read Mira Grant’s Rolling in the Deep? If not, you should! I wrote a mostly spoiler-free review of this novella for Tuesday. You’re in luck! If you read and like Rolling in the Deep, you can acquire and read the sequel, Into the Drowning Deep right now.


Lane Robins brought us another edition of her nearly complete series, Silver Screen Resolution. This month’s pick was Midnight Special. What did Lane think of her penultimate film? You’ll need to read on to find out.


Nicole Taft was our featured contributor on Thursday with her review of Day 5. For her 2017 resolution, Nicole decided that she would finally sit down and watch the lone serious drama that the team at Rooster Teeth has produced. But what is Day 5? “On the surface, the story is simple — one night people went to sleep, the next morning they didn’t wake up. The problem is worldwide and spread within minutes. But what the hell caused such a thing?” Read Nicole’s review of the season one here!


On Friday, Sherry Peters shared a personal story about her year as a writer. Our resident Life Coach has had a busy year, and she talks about how this impacted her writing life. Read her story here, and feel free to chat with Sherry about your own journey in 2017.

Book Club

We’re fully in December, and that means that Hogswatch is soon upon us. Have you been reading Hogfather? If not, you should! It is equal parts irreverent and deeply philosophical, as with most of Terry Pratchett’s work. As a reminder, you can still get in on our discussion of The Night Circus right here. We’re reading Octavia Butler’s Dawn for January. We haven’t announced February’s book just yet, so you can still vote for our February pick at the bottom of January’s announcement.

And that’s that. I’m going to settle in with a nice book. I love the snow, but I don’t love the people who don’t necessarily know how to drive in it. So it’s a housebound day here at Casa Price. If you’re staying in, don’t hesitate to pick through our archives and chat with us about something that was posted prior to last week! We love to chat. If you’re somewhere that doesn’t have snow right now, I hope you can take a few minutes to look back at our week and read one of the awesome posts that our writers shared with you. Otherwise, enjoy your weekend! Catch a movie! Read a book! Take a nap!

Or maybe skip the nap.

(Promo image from Day 5)

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