Thanksgiving Special 2017: All We Want for Christmas

Happy Thanksgiving! Here at Speculative Chic, we hope you are having a delightful day full of fun, food, and family. If none of those things sound appealing, or if you’re not in the United States, that’s okay, because we’ve got something to cheer you right up!

In recent years, it’s become a thing for stores to open on Thanksgiving to hawk their pre-Black Friday sales. For some families, this kind of shopping has become a holiday tradition, and we thought it might be fun to tell you the kinds of things we wish someone would buy for us, and in the process, share some super fun, geeky, and speculative stuff that might be just up your alley! Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, come check out all the fun things we’d love to receive here at Speculative Chic, and please, share your own wishlists in the comments!

 J.L. Gribble: Sometimes being an adult is hard. Once you’re an adult, you can totally have cake for dinner. You can buy the cake, and no one can stop you from eating it. That doesn’t mean it’s a great idea, either financially or physically. Currently, my cake is the LEGO Star Wars ultimate Millennium Falcon set (#75192).

I’ve discussed my love for both LEGOs and Star Wars before here at Speculative Chic, so it’s no surprise that I’d love to receive this ridiculous set as either a holiday gift or for my birthday (which is also conveniently, or not so conveniently depending on my mood, in December). It clocks in at over 7,500 pieces to create a massive set that can be converted to either the original trilogy or modern incarnation of the Falcon, and includes brand new mini-figs for both eras! (And porgs, because apparently porgs are the new thing.) That would be many evenings of excellent zen LEGO building for me, and I’d even take the sore fingers.

Alas, this set is also over $800. And that’s why it’s cake. Because technically, my husband and I could afford this set. But that’d be a big hit to the savings account dedicated to a much-needed new car.

Luckily, LEGO has plenty of other awesome Star Wars sets for me to add to my collection (which already includes a previous Millennium Falcon, set #75105). Currently, I’ve got my eye on the Arrowhead set (#75186), which is a mere 775 pieces. It would look awesome between my Ghost (from Star Wars: Rebels) and U-Wing Starfighter (from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story).

Nicole: I’m at that point in my life where, as an adult, I don’t really know what to ask for when it comes to Christmas. So when our Editor-in-Chic wanted us to divulge all our speculative desires, I bobbled my head around like a dog seeing another dog on TV for the first time. Then it finally hit me — why not ask for things that don’t exist? Or just don’t exist yet.Let’s start with the unattainable — or at least unattainable in perfectly new condition for a normal amount of money. I loved the animated show Gargoyles as a kid. Always watched it before going to school in the morning. With Keith David as head gargoyle Goliath and my girl Salli Richardson-Whitfield (whom I wouldn’t hear from until years later when Eureka aired, which thrilled me to no end) as awesome cop Elisa Maza. Having all those episodes in my hands to watch whenever I want would be amazing, but sadly they don’t produce them anymore. Why, I have no idea considering the amount of nostalgia my generation is more than willing to soak up. I miss all my gargoyles and half the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation as their voice actors and would love to have them in my life again.

So let’s move on to more attainable things, such as Rhonda Mason’s awesome Empress Game trilogy. I have already requested books 1 and 2 for Christmas, though I wouldn’t mind a gift in the form of a preorder for the final book, Exile’s Throne as well. These books are like Dune without the super-heavy density. I love the scope of the universe portrayed, all the various peoples and their problems, and I love the badass Kayla Reinumon and her kris knives doing work and someday hoping against hope to return home. These books are just a good damned time and I wants all of them, precious. And while I’m at it, why don’t I throw in my desire for ThinkGeek’s gorgeous solar orbit necklace as well. What better jewelry to wear while reading a space opera?

I loved Stephanie Garber’s Caraval. As did a few other Speculative Chic gals after I shoved it at them in my excited book-fanatic passion. Kind of like I do at the bookstore where I either throw it at people or subtly whisper, “This one,” and point at it as I walk by (I totally do that, by the way). So I’ll take a pre-order of her next book, Legendary, which isn’t due out until spring of 2018. but having it all set up and ready for me the second it’s available? Yes, please. In which case, let’s go ahead and toss in a pair of floofy reading socks so I can get real comfy when finally settling back into the world of Caraval (even if we’re not going to Caraval this time).

Calie: I’m not exactly the Christmas type, but I do celebrate Solstice, and I absolutely love this:

In bronze, 9”, in case anyone cares. Why? One of my favorite all-time young adult books is The Perilous Guard, by Elizabeth Pope. There’s a wonderful take on the world of the fairie in it, and the line “Out by the oak leaf, with never a bough.” And because of Wash’s last stand in Serenity, “I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar.” And oaks are magical and awesome plus one.

Sherry: Here’s my wish list for this year:

I must admit, this year I’m not asking for a lot. There are a few things though, that are on my Holiday Wish List. Chances are, at some point, I’ll probably splurge and get them myself, but it isn’t going to happen before the new year, so if my family is reading this…

The Blu-Ray of Wonder Woman. Is anyone really surprised by this? I think it’s on most wish lists for us ladies.

The Blu-Ray of Star Wars: Rogue One. I know, I know. Why is this not yet in my Star Wars collection? It’s terrible, really. Please don’t repossess my “Star Wars Kid” card.

Most of all, though, right now, I would really, really, really love a one-year membership (all fees paid) to Now that I commute more than 5 minutes to work, I am discovering the joy of audio books. Libraries are great, especially because audio books are quite a financial investment, but I prefer to directly support the creators whenever I possibly can.

Happy holidays, everyone!

Casey: I am, sadly, one of those irritating people who usually purchases things when I want them. So new releases by favorite authors or TV shows that I’m in love with are generally not great ideas. I almost always already own them. That said, there are several things that I would not be opposed to receiving!

1) My dream, almost impossible wish would be a trip to ComicCon. Any of the big ComicCons (or even a medium-sized one), I’m not picky. Despite my introverted nature, I love conventions. I’ve attended a few small ones, and the big two (San Diego and New York) are most certainly on my bucket list! However, the travel, lodging, food, and other assorted hidden expenses make this kind of adventure out of my reach for the time being. But if I have fairy godparents or long-lost relatives out there somewhere who need to get rid of some money, hit me up!

2) Almost anything from Loungefly, because I love sassy handbags. This particular Deadpool tote is something that I’ve been looking at longingly for months now. The matching wallet would be an unanticipated bonus.

3) Talking about Deadpool makes me think of comics, which reminds me that there are so many things that I would love to read! Collected editions of Monstress, Saga, and Fables would be lovely things to send me, if you were so inclined. Though, honestly, the best way to do this would be to send me a gift card for Amazon/Comixology so that I could snag the digital editions. I don’t have room to support a physical comics habit, so I prefer to do my reading digitally.

4) This 30th Anniversary special edition of Labyrinth. This film was my first peek into the speculative world. It’s a fantastic decorative object in its own right, but I cannot justify purchasing it (to either myself or to the Spouse), as I already own several copies of the movie, including the previous anniversary edition.

5) The complete Orphan Black collection. I fell in love with this show and own a digital copy of Season 5, but I would really like this Blu-ray edition for my home collection. I don’t give a lot of space to physical media these days, because of space issues in my tiny home, but I make exceptions for the really important things. Orphan Black is important enough to warrant a home on my shelves.

Kelly: It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows me that all I want for Christmas is books. I have been spoiled absolutely rotten by the wonderful public library where I live, but there are some books that either the library does not have or that I am so intrigued by that I actually want to own a copy.

Every time that someone tells me about an exciting new podcast, I think, “That sounds interesting. Can they write it down so I can read it instead of having to listen to it?” Thankfully, Aaron Mahnke, the creator of the Lore podcast, has done just that with the book The World of Lore: Monstrous Creatures. I’ve been a fan of folktales since I read the world’s scariest children’s book, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. The World of Lore: Monstrous Creatures tackles legendary creatures from vampires to werewolves to the Jersey Devil. Although it doesn’t come out until May 2018 and deals with evil humans instead of the supernatural, I would be pleased if Santa also went ahead and pre-ordered me Mahnke’s The World of Lore: Wicked Mortals.

When I reviewed Victor LaValle’s novella, The Ballad of Black Tom, for the Hugo Awards, my main complaint was that at 149 pages, it was far too short for my taste. I’d love to receive LaValle’s newest book, The Changeling, which I can really sink my teeth into at 448 pages. I’m excited to read another LaValle book set in New York City because The Ballad of Black Tom vividly transported me to the city during the Jazz Age. The new book also tackles some of the same themes (racism, fatherhood, and loss) that were explored in the novella but not quite deeply enough to suit me.

Terri Windling created and edited The Fairy Tale Series, a collection of novels that reinvent classic fairy tales. I loved Briar Rose by Jane Yolen, which uses the tale of Sleeping Beauty as an allegory for the Holocaust. Unfortunately for me, it is the only book in the series available through my library. I want to read Tam Lin by Pamela Dean, which resets the medieval Scottish ballad in a Midwestern college campus, and The Nightingale by Kara Dalkey, a retelling of a Hans Christian Andersen story. Although I probably will not get these exact books, I’m hoping that Santa brings me enough Barnes and Noble and/or Amazon gift cards to purchase them.

Lane: I love fantasy, science fiction, horror — the whole gamut, but unless you look at my bookshelves or DVDs, you’re not really going to see a whole lot of fantasy jumping out at you in my life. That’s because what I love even more than spec-fic stuff is sneaky spec-fic stuff.  The kind of thing you have to look at three or more times before you say, oh wait a minute, is that a bat logo on your cardigan?

So what I’m grooving on this year like crazy is Calamityware. Specifically the Calamityware Porcelain line.  It’s exactly the right sort of oh that looks nice, wait a minute are those robots on my plate? kind of feeling I love. I love things that reward you for paying attention.

R.J. Joseph: The Black Panther movie posters and Funko Pop! figures are on my wish list because this is the story of a black superhero, being told with a mostly black cast. I’m excited about the story being told with authentic representation.

The European ghost tour made my list because simply stepping foot in the old country is to become immediately immersed into the history of the land. I want to hear the stories of some of the people who lived, loved, and died on those lands and who never left. Also, ghost tours are just fun.

Erin: When it comes to nerd-ifacts (nerdy artifacts), I want all the things. Well, at least all the things from my particular fandoms. But here are two of the items at the top of my list.

Geeki Tikis: Why are these a thing this year? Hell if I know, but you better believe I want one! In case you’re wondering about the real story, Geeki Tikis are a product of Beeline Creative, Inc., a company that develops proprietary lines into licensed products. In the past they’ve produced such items as a Ron Swanson bobblehead, Pulp Fiction action figures, and what they call their Signature Steins — capped beer steins in the shape of characters like Deadpool and BB-8, and Doctor Who’s TARDIS.

Their first line of Star Wars Geeki Tikis first appeared on back in May 2016. I’m not sure how well they did then, but this Christmas season, they’re everywhere, and that probably has to do with how wide they’ve cast their nerdy net.

Want a Geeki Tiki featuring Darth Vader or Yoda? They’ve got it! Prefer one featuring Captain Jean-Luc Picard or Mr. Spock? No problem! More of a Wonder Woman or Aquaman fan? Look no further! Can’t decide between Groot or Baby Groot? Why not get both? Dogmeat devotees? How many would you like? TMNT fans, Rick and Morty lovers, Old school monster maniacs — step this way!

This particular geek girl is, of course, looking forward to receiving at least one of the six Mass Effect Geeki Tikis, which are available over at the good old BioWare Store. Most of them are, anyway. The single Garrus and Tali Tikis are already sold out, so if you’re an ME freak like me, then pop on over and get ’em while they last.

Litographs: I’ve been a fan of Litographs products since back in the day. I won’t go all hipster on you and say I loved them before they were cool — I did miss the initial Kickstarter campaign — but I’ve been happily wearing around my Pride & Prejudice scarf for a few years now.

Since 2012, when Litographs first opened their Internet doors, they’ve expanded their line to include over two hundred different books, including my personal comfort book: Sabriel by Garth Nix.

I first read Sabriel in undergrad, and it’s one of a handful of books I read and then immediately reread. I own it in paperback, hardcover, and e-book. I have the audiobook, and the British paperback edition. I would probably need both hands and feet to count the number of times I’ve read or listened to it. It’s a book that’s permanently woven into my soul, and now I can wear that love for all to see? Sign me up twice!

I would obviously love any one of the Sabriel items, but if I had to pick one, I’d go with the pure text T-shirt. Unisex. Large. In burgundy Baskerville font. Just putting that out there in case Santa is reading this.

Shara: I’m a lot like Casey, in that I’m really hard to shop for because when I see something I want, I usually get it. Usually. What stops me are prices, when things start climbing into stupid-expensive (for me) range, and/or I can convince myself it’s not something I really need.

But if I had the chance to ask Santa for my ultimate goodies, one (well, two) of the first things I’d ask for are the Funko Pop! San Diego Comic-Con exclusive figures for Bryan Fuller and Thumbs-Up BB-8.

BB-8 should be pretty self-explanatory. The Force Awakens is my go-to happy movie, and BB-8 is the best: I adore the scene when BB-8 helps Finn out and then gives him the thumbs up. I mean, who doesn’t? Wait, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.

Bryan Fuller’s exclusive Pop! may not make much sense, unless you look closely and realize this is a Hannibal figure, and then it makes all the sense in the world if you know me or have read this blog. Funko styled this super-rare Pop! figure to give Fuller a classic Hannibal look (minus the blood), as well as a knife, and when it was offered at Comic Con (something I’ve never been to, ever), Fuller actually signed every single one bought. Okay, maybe not every single one, but when you have a run of 144 copies? You can bet the bank those things are expensive as hell on eBay, if you can even find one.

However, hope springs eternal, and I know for a fact my husband continues to check, so I can officially complete my Hannibal Funko Pop! collection.

Another item whose siren call has my name would be one of Propel’s Star Wars drones. I saw these at the Atlanta airport back in the fall next to the Sphero BB-8, Artoo, and the new BB-9E (and let’s me honest, I’m going to want that guy too to keep BB-8 and Artoo in line!). I’ve never been into drones before, but I can make an exception for these gorgeous replicas, because how cool would it be to fly an actual Star Wars X-Wing? Maybe I’m not technically in the pilot’s seat, but this is the next best thing, and if one landed beneath my Christmas tree, I certainly would not say no to it!

But if Santa deems my tastes too expensive, he can’t go wrong with a gift card to Her, so I can occasionally splurge for geeky fashion and accessories. They even carry other brands like Loungefly, and that’s a good thing, because otherwise I would’ve never seen this gorgeous Mandalorian purse that keeps begging to be purchased! No, Santa can’t go wrong with a Her Universe gift card, and I look forward to more geeky fashion and accessories in the future!

What’s on your holiday wish list? Please share in the comments so we can all geek out and drool over cool stuff together!


  • Shara White November 23, 2017 at 11:06 am

    So I would really love it if Loungefly made laptop/tablet/Kindle/phone cases. Would those not be AMAZING?!?!?!?

    Lane, Calamityware looks AMAZING. I love that UFO plate alone because there’s a cat hidden in the imagery.

    RJ: those Black Panther posters are beautiful. And I’m so excited to see a superhero movie filled with so many actors of color. It’s one of my biggest anticipations for next year!

    Erin: Litograph, YES. I keep forgetting about them, and then I get reminded about them once a year, and think, “I should so get something….”

  • Weasel of Doom November 23, 2017 at 2:55 pm

    So much niftyness 🙂

  • Kelly McCarty November 23, 2017 at 9:16 pm

    I want that solar orbit necklace now, too. The Black Panther posters are amazing. I’m impressed by Litographs’ selection. I know that a friend told me about the company but I feel like they only had a handful of books the last time I looked at their site. I like the Outlander and Kushiel’s Dart designs. I’ve learned something new from this post–I had never heard of Loungefly or Her Universe before today.

  • Nicole Taft November 23, 2017 at 11:35 pm

    Omg I’m so stupid excited for Black Panther.


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