Daily Archives : August 30, 2017

Ruminations on a Theme: Review of Three Wishes

Three Wishes (2016) Written By: Lisa Manifold Genre: Paranormal Romance Pages: 188 (Paperback) Series: Heart of the Djinn (Book 1) Publisher: Self-published Why I Chose It: Lisa Manifold was chosen as Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ Independent Writer of the Year last year. It was the first time they even had an Independent category, and I wanted to check out some…

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Cover Chic: Breaking with Stereotypes

When someone mentions fantasy book covers, inevitably a stereotypical image pops up. One of knights standing near dragons, perhaps a chain-mail bra-clad woman with him. Or at least, that’s what used to be the norm. As today’s standards of what’s “cool” and socially acceptable continue to shift, so do the covers of speculative fiction books. Fantasy, science fiction, and horror…

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