Daily Archives : August 23, 2017

Not Your Father’s Comic Book Hero(ine): Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn

Confession time! I adore comic book movies. There’s something about the over-the-top storylines, the super powers, the suspension of belief, and the genuine enthusiasm that (usually) goes into making such projects. I am a novice comic *reader*, however. When I come across a novel that taps into those same elements that are found in the best superhero stories, I’m almost…

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Every Word Chosen: Carol Berg’s Lighthouse Duet

I can’t actually remember which of Carol Berg’s books I read first, but the Lighthouse duet has always been my favorite. It might have been the covers that drew me originally with their evocative colors, or it might have been the name of the series. I come from a family of sailors, and I’ve always liked the idea of lighthouses as…

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