Daily Archives : August 9, 2017

Yes, the Channel That Gave Us Sharknado Deserves a Hugo

Ok. I know that “Leviathan Wakes,” The Expanse’s representative in the Hugo Award’s Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form category comes from the same channel that is responsible for the Sharknado franchise. It’s also up against not just one but two episodes of Game of Thrones. You’re probably thinking, the odds aren’t so great that it’ll pick up the win. But…

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A Vivid World of Blood and Magic: Labyrinth Lost

Labyrinth Lost (2016) Written by: Zoraida Córdova Genre: YA/Urban Fantasy Pages: 340 pages Series: Brooklyn Brujas, Book 1 Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire Why I Chose This: I saw this cover while browsing my local bookstore and immediately fell in love. Magic, mayhem, a world of monsters and gods? I was sold straight away. The premise: The only way to get her family…

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