Daily Archives : April 12, 2017

Mass Effect: Andromeda: A Review in Conversation

The highly anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda finally launched from the Milky Way Galaxy on Tuesday, March 21. Here to have a casual conversation about all of the things they loved and some of the things they didn’t are Whitney Richter, veteran N7 operative and the one responsible for sending over 50 salarian infiltrators out to save the galaxy from the…

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Bodies as Commodities: A Review of Matt Hill’s Graft

Graft (2016) Written by: Matt Hill Genre: Science Fiction Pages: 448 pages (Kindle) Publisher: Angry Robot Why I Chose It: At Speculative Chic, we decided to review all of the Philip K. Dick Award nominees, and as Editor-in-Chic, it was my responsibility to coordinate that. One by one, books were selected, until one was left, alone, without a home: Graft.…

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