Daily Archives : April 3, 2017

Sound Off! Mass Effect: Andromeda

Welcome back to Sound Off!, a semi-regular column where members of Speculative Chic gather together to chat about the latest BIG THING in entertainment. This time, help colonize a far-off galaxy and discuss Mass Effect: Andromeda, which released in the United States on Tuesday, March 21, 2017. Sound Off! is meant to be a reaction, but not necessarily a review. After…

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My Favorite Things: Non-Speculative Edition

Welcome back to My Favorite Things, a weekly column where we (usually) gab about the greatest in geek. But with April Fools having recently passed, we thought we’d shake things up a little. No pranks! We promise. Instead, we thought that we’d share a little more about us. Because here at Speculative Chic, the focus is always on the speculative:…

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