Daily Archives : February 14, 2017

Sound Off! The LEGO Batman Movie

Welcome back to Sound Off!, a semi-regular column where members of Speculative Chic gather together to chat about the latest BIG THING in entertainment. This time, we’ve done some deep bricking, superhero style, to discuss The LEGO Batman Movie, which premiered in the United States on Friday, February 10, 2017. Sound Off! is meant to be a group of reactions,…

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Gender, Xenophobia, and Prescient Politics in The Left Hand of Darkness

This Month On Changing the Map It’s not often that you pick up a nearly fifty-year-old novel only to find that it mirrors your current political climate with uncanny precision. It’s a bit like hearing a sermon at the precise moment you need it. You’re grateful for the enlightenment, but vaguely unsettled that the good lord or the universe knew…

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